Are You Still Using A Cotton Loop Mop? Heres Why You Shouldn’t Be

Theres no denying it. Cotton mops have for sure stood the test of time. The first time they were ever seen to have been mentioned in writing was way back in 1496. Knowing this, its no surprise that many still claim to use it as their number 1 tool of choice for cleaning their floors. As the saying goes, old habits die hard. A lot of evolution has taken place with the noble mop over the last 600 years. Homemade mops were crafted together from old pieces of material. Although there has been quite a lot of change regarding the design of the mop, nothing much has changed in terms of what makes up the mop. It has always consisted of 3 pieces or parts. The mop head, the handle, and the piece that connects them.

Another thing that has also had a lot of evolution alongside the mop is technology, science, and improvements in testing and knowing what works and what does not work. Institutions like hospitals and cleaning companies are always looking for innovations on how to clean better and keep dangerous disease-causing germs to a minimum. Therefore, much better ways to clean floors have been developed to get the job done.

One such development is the mop. Countless studies have been performed to test the true effectiveness of the cotton mop in regard to how well it can not only clean a floor but also remove germs. There are two aspects to cleaning and many people only take the one into consideration. The two aspects of cleaning involve cleaning in the sense that you remove visible dirt and the other is cleaning to remove germs and bacteria. As a result of the studies, it has been shown that cotton mops do a terrible job in removing germs. They only move them around.

When compared to microfiber, cotton pales in comparison. Microfiber is able to actually pick up and remove germs. The other very important aspect of cleaning with microfiber is that it can also get the job done without the need for chemicals that harm the user and the environment. This is obviously a huge plus because it also saves money and water. Microfiber mops like this one from, are also much cheaper in the long run because their pads are machine washable and last for hundreds of washes before they need to be replaced. Choosing microfiber as your choice for cleaning your floor is the smartest thing you can do.

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