How To Pack Clothes When Moving

Moving is already hectic but you know what drives you crazy even more? When the item to pack is clothes. Even though clothes are not considered as fragile but they still need care and some good hours to be protected from being ruined while moving next town or abroad.

Here are some ideas we would love to share.

Open your closet and take a good look. Sort out what you need to get rid of. For example:

Clothes that do not suit you and you have not worn in years.

Clothes you are outgrown of.

Clothes that are out of fashion.

Clothes that are in very bad shape.

How to get rid of these?

i.Donate the dresses that are still in good shape.

ii.Sell in garage sale or online.

iii.Throw away; better yet wrap the breakable things in them.

2. Now that you have taken care of all the clutter, group your clothes in these:

Need: Keep the clothes you might need during the move. Like sweaters, jackets. It can start raining, or snowing.

Season: This can help you finding the clothes you will need right away after the move. Moreover, you will not have to go through boxes in vain.

Material: This is very important. If you pack different materials together, it can cause some big damage.

Size: It is better to pack large and small clothes separately.
Finally, let us get into how to pack your clothes without getting them damaged or wrinkled.

Use the wardrobe boxes: these boxes are long, have hangings on top and best option for the long dresses. Your dresses will not be wrinkled.

Garbage bags: these bags can help saving your clothes from dust or water. They can be more efficient if you vacuum-sealed them, then they can hold more clothes.

Dresser: If you have dresser full of clothes and you like the way they are, just do not empty the dresser. Put the stretch tap and voila.Also you can pack towels, pajamas and clean sheets in dresser, this way you will know where they are right away after the move.

Use regular boxes:
You can always use regular boxes to pack your bags but remember to use small size of boxes. They will be easy to lift, while you are packing the clothes lift the box once or twice and you will have idea if they are getting too heavy. Otherwise, they will break from bottom.

Use the plastic or sheets: these are just like the garbage bags but not slippery and they can be cover exact length of your dress.

Suitcases: utilize your suitcases. They are better in protecting clothes than cardboard boxes.

Label: be sure to label your boxes very carefully. Label them as:


Type of clothes

Which room

Who it belong to

One important thing if your clothes are going to be packed for long time. Spray them with insect repeller.

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