How To Pack Books When Moving

Books are like treasures to all the people who love books. The pain of a bent cover smashed jacket is beyond words. In addition, these all damages can happen very easily while moving your house. You might also know the pain of trying to avoid all that damage while moving your books from one house to the next.
All those bents pages, heavy trips to and from the truck, and the chaos of keeping everything protected that is just too frustrating and tiring .we have some ideas of how you can pack your books safely when you are moving.

Sort out
You can use moving as the perfect motivation to clear some of those books that have been lying on your shelves. Take some time and sort out your books. Keep only those that you are sure about. Once pull a book to throw or give away, do not look at it again.

If you share this love of books with any of your friends and you have some books you think they would like. Pack them in nice wrapping paper and give it to your friends as gifts.

Moving is expensive and you always need money when you are moving. Therefore, if you have any books you have read enough and its worth something sell it online or to the bookstores. First editions can get you a fortune.

Small and sturdy boxes
Now that you got rid of all the boxes, you did not need, start packing. Use small and sturdy boxes .because it will get very heavy with the hard covers. If you cannot find small boxes and bigger boxes are the only options. Only fill them about 75 percent with books. Use the rest for clothes or other lightweight objects.

Keep books that are shelved together in the same boxes, it will save you a lot of time when unpacking. In addition, take some time to label your boxes in a way that makes sense to you. You can also take photos to remember the way they were placed before.

Use suitcases
You are moving your suitcases so why not utilize them. Pack heavy books in boxes in suitcases with wheels. It is easy to move the suitcases with wheels and they have great protection too.

Pack Books Early
Books are very hard to pack. They take a long time. Mainly because it involves multiple quality boxes, careful placement. This is not one of those things you can leave to the last minute.

Packing positions
Flat, on their backs: ideal for stacking, especially if all the books are the same size and fit nicely in the box.
Standing up: this is just like in the shelves .Spines will be facing the walls of the boxes if you pack this way.

Spines down: If you pack this way, your pages are less likely to be damaged.
Use a mixture of these packing positions to get the most out of your boxes.

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